Founded in 2010, Pacific Masterworks Chorus, is a fifty member group of people who love to sing. From age seventeen to seventy, our members come from all walks of life - nurses, realtors, students, retirees, single parents, business people and scientists - who gather once a week to pursue their passion for singing and performing in concerts twice a year. We rehearse for twenty weeks prior to each concert, spending time not only studying the music and working extensively on good vocal production plus elements of music theory but also simply enjoying the company of like minded people. With no requirements for an audition or ability to read music, we welcome those who are looking for the challenge of learning how to sing as well as acquiring new musical skills. Pacific Masterworks Chorus is distinguished by its wide variety of repertoire and performs everything from memory with great enthusiasm. We will travel on a concert tour to Ireland in July, 2019. After returning from tour, the chorus will turn its attention to preparations for a Christmas Concert on December 8, 2019 to conclude its ninth successful year!
Pacific Masterworks Chorus Pacific Masterworks Chorus Pacific Masterworks Chorus